Who We Are

Power Generation Services commenced life in Hong Kong after Doug Hutchinson, the owner and founding member of the company, completed six years in China. Hutchinson felt that if private and independent power producers (IPPs) could start-up and succeed brilliantly in China, they could succeed anywhere in Asia.

Long before Power Industry deregulation commenced in Britain, Hutchinson saw the light, felt he was in a ‘dead man’s shoes’ situation and answered an advertisement which got him to work for a power utility company in Hong Kong. Senior power station operations, construction/commissioning/training positions were his forte at that time which was well suited to the commencement of the most dynamic phase of Hong Kong’s power industry development.

Several years later he returned to South East Asia after completing a significant work period in Australia, this time it was to work in China when it’s ‘Open Doors Policy’ was first commenced. The project was a joint venture, 700 MW, coal fired, power station which supplied some 27% of electrical power in the heavily populated Province of Guangdong.

This project was the most challenging Hutchinson had ever faced; it seemed his entire career up to that time, was a training period in preparation for the China main event. The project was successful in almost every dimension, it was constructed in world record time and when it ran, it broke all power generation records in China.

The World Bank / IFC visited the site and together with USAID held their first “Private Sector Power in Asia” conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 27 – 29 October 1992. Hutchinson was asked to present a paper on the private power experience in China.

On completion of three two year contracts Hutchinson left the project and armed with this new experience, started Power Generation Services (HK) Ltd (PGSL) – in Hong Kong naturally! PGSL became Hong Kong’s first totally independent power consultancy company.

Rapid and interesting work followed as Asia commenced to deregulate it’s power industry. When this phase was over PGSL moved to the UK and took on further power and oil & gas industry assignments. PGSL has now moved to Australia and will work from it’s Melbourne base. In the last 18 years, the company has successfully completed power generation and oil and gas assignments in 19 countries, including Australia, China, France, Finland, Guam Island, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and USA.

Major Client List

  • AES China Generating Company Ltd – China
  • Ahlstrom Pyropower Development Corporation – USA / Philippines
  • ALSTOM Power Thermal Services UK – Stafford UK
  • BHP Power Inc (Australia) – Australia, China & India
  • Cunningham & Lindsey International (Hong Kong) Ltd – China, Guam, France, UK & Hong Kong
  • Cunningham & Lindsey International (Thailand) Ltd – Thailand
  • Enron Power Group – China
  • Entergy Power Asia Ltd – Hong Kong
  • Falck SpA Italy – Italy, Australia & China
  • GAB Robins Hong Kong Ltd – Hong Kong & China
  • GAB Robins Taiwan – Taiwan
  • GEC ALSTOM – China
  • Hongkong Electric International Ltd – Hong Kong & various Asian locations
  • Hyundai Electronics Industries – Korea
  • Hadwaco Oy – Finland
  • Jardine Insurance Group of Hong Kong – Hong Kong & China
  • Kelley, Drye & Warren – New York Attorneys, NY, USA – for work in Korea
  • KPPMS – UK
  • Redbank Energy – Australia
  • Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation – Kuching – Sarawak – East Malaysia
  • Stowan Engineering Ltd / RWE Npower – Ferrybridge Power Station – UK
  • Thai Oil Company Limited / Independent Power (Thailand ) Co Ltd – Thailand
  • The National Federation of Builders – UK
  • Toplis & Harding Group – Hong Kong
  • YTL Corporation Bhd – Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia