Power Generation Projects

South Korea

  • Independent Power Provider facilities sale activities.
  • Site investigation, plant inspection, maintenance verification and power plant testing to allow the sale of 250 MW power stationto USA independent owners.
  • Fuel consumption / power & steam output audit / measurement of plant mechanical degradation status.


  • Project value – US$ 460 million.
  • Senior Plant Management Advisor to project owners.
  • Advising on 700 MW combined cycle gas turbine plant.
  • EPC contract strategies / O&M set-up / O&M contracts / ongoing commissioning & operations.


  • 1,300 MW Joint Venture M&A project – PGSL consulting for:
  • & M organisation development & cost derivation.
  • Power station operations & maintenance contracts.
  • Coal supply contract/s
  • Coal supply & ash removal contracts.
  • Coal supply & ash removal contracts.
  • Environment management.

China Pumped Storage Hydro

  • Insurance engineering project study and report for the 1,200 MW Guangdong pumped storage scheme; this report became a ‘milestone report’ within the insurance industry based in Hong Kong and allowed insurance brokers to obtain and place insurance for project owners.

China Hydro

  • General Management – joint venture running of an existing ‘run of the river’ power station.


  • Consortium Feasibility Study Director working for and on behalf of Italian steel and power company. Steel production and waste heat power plant feasibility study – time scale one year.


  • Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation – (SESCO) – PGSL work practices, safety and manpower utilization audit – for all SESCO major diesel, gas turbine and the Batang Ai ‘high head’ hydro power station.

Malaysia & China

  • YTL Corporation Bhd – assisting with all joint venture development projects in China & Africa. Development of project Minimum Specifications for African Projects in order to obtain funding.


  • The first power generation joint venture BOT project in The Philippines – 210 megawatt open cycle gas turbine ‘peaking’ power station: Project value approx: US $ 50 million. NOTE – this plant moved from Wray, Colorado, USA to Manila, Philippines.


  • Technology sales marketing and sales – low temperature desalination plants.

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